Although we take great care in shipping and packing, it can happen that an item turns out to be damaged or delivered incorrectly.


If you see that something is wrong with a product, take pictures of it immediately and let us know within 8 days after the purchase (after that the right to compensation expires). Mail the photos, description of the complaint and the purchase date to [email protected]. Keep the article so you can bring it with you on your next visit. If you are not visiting us any time soon, we will discuss with you whether and how it can be returned. We always try to find a solution together.

Check on delivery

Attention: you must always check the package or pallet with goods carefully when it is placed with you! It may happen that something went wrong during transport. If you see any damage on the outside, you must mention this on the packing slip/carrier's waybill (which you have to sign and give to the carrier). Take pictures of them and send them to us the same day. Only then we can contact the carrier. We will send you a confirmation when we have received your mail.

Natural goods

In our webshop the articles are displayed as realistically as possible. But we sell natural products. This means that no article is exactly the same. Not in color and not in shape or size. Moreover, many items are made by hand and therefore they can be slightly different from each other. This gives our items the charm that we love so much. Keep this in mind when ordering from us. These deviations are no reason for complaint.

Of course we always strive for the highest possible quality.
Unfortunately it's not possible to return an article because you do not like it afterwards.